Sports Marketing

Sponsoring a sportsman is investing on the image of a professional who will represent the company in a differentiated area, which attracts many businesses and enables new commercial contacts. Add to this talent, planning and total commitment of the racer and his team in the search for victory and the result will be an attractive exhibition of the sponsoring brand to the public in general.

The great return of the budget applied is a constant of sports marketing, mainly in motoring, called popular interest.
The exhibition of the brands and names of the sponsors occurs as follows:

Car body
Team clothing
Promotional t-shirts
Clothing and helmet of racer
Banners on the racer’s official website and in the boxes
Divulgation of races by several means of communication
Interviews with the racer
Sponsor’s events or fairs with the presence of kart and racer

For more information on motoring categories on which Bruno is focused and how to sponsor him, please be in contact and request the conditions and image quotas or a visit.